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Dental Exams

A comprehensive General Dentistry exam will be performed by your dentist, Dr. Malik, at your initial dental visit. At regular check-up exams, your dentist and hygienist, Mr. Uddin will include the following:

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Professional Dental Cleaning

Professional dental cleanings (dental prophylaxis) are usually performed by Registered Dental Hygienists. Your cleaning appointment will include a dental exam and the following:

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Dental Implants

Many times, people think, will they be able to ace a Medically Fit life after getting their Dental Implants done?
The Answer is Absolutely yes! As you would take care of your normal teeth so you need to do for your Dental Implants as well.
Brushing timely and taking Dental Implants as a part of your teeth Family, will make your life easy. Implants are used for replacing lost teeth – about 70% of our population has at least one functional tooth missing. Implants are one (and sometimes the only) option for replacing teeth. Other options are bridges and removable dentures.

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A dental bridge is a fixed (non-removable) appliance which is used to fill the space where a tooth was removed or had fallen out. It is a false tooth that is held in place by being attached to the teeth next to it, like a bridge. The bridge preserves the integrity of your existing teeth by preventing the shifting of teeth and other jaw issues.
There are several types of bridges. You and Dr. Malik will discuss the best options for your particular case. Porcelain fixed bridges are the most popular because they resemble your natural teeth. This type of bridge consists up to two crowns that go over two anchoring teeth (abutment teeth) and are attached to pontics (artificial teeth). This fills the gap created by the one or more missing teeth.

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An extraction is the process of removing a single or multiple damaged or infected teeth. Extractions become necessary in cases of when a tooth has become decayed and is beyond repair, when there is advanced bone loss, or even as a preparatory measure for an elaborate orthodontic procedure. Extraction is necessary to prevent the infection from spreading to other teeth and causing additional damage.
The extraction is carried out either through a surgical procedure or done in a simple manner using tooth holder, forceps and local anesthesia. The choice of methods depends on your dental health and severity of problem. Sometimes it might also become necessary to break a tooth into several fragments to make the process of extraction easier and less painful. Once a tooth has been extracted, the gap can be easily refilled by an implant.

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Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is needed when the nerve of a tooth is affected by decay or infection. In order to save the tooth, the pulp (the living tissue inside the tooth), nerves, bacteria, and any decay are removed and the resulting space is filled with special, medicated, dental materials, which restore the tooth to its full function.
Having a root canal done on a tooth is the treatment of choice to save a tooth that otherwise would have to be removed. Many patients believe that removing a tooth that has problems is the solution, but what is not realized is that extracting (pulling) a tooth will ultimately be more costly and cause significant problems for adjacent teeth.
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Porcelain Veneers

Veneers are very thin pieces of durable, tooth shaped porcelain that are custom made (for shape and color) by a professional dental laboratory. They are bonded onto the front of teeth to create a beautiful and attractive smile.
Veneers can completely reshape your teeth and smile. They can often be alternatives to crowns and the ideal solution in treating many dental conditions.
As with most dental restorations, veneers are not permanent and may someday need replacement. They are very durable and will last many years, giving you a beautiful long lasting smile.
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